Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden; A Colourful Story . . .

. . . is a luxurious, full colour coffee table book that tells the intriguing tale of Bruno's life so far and displays his collection of artworks in stunning detail. Containing hundreds of beautiful Hi-resolution photographs, A Colourful Story is the definitive collection of Bruno's work.

The special "Phoenix edition” of this book is a new edition of the original, A Colourful Story, that was released in 2005 and contains additional content. Artworks made in the time since the release of first edition has been added and the story of the February 2009 Fires has also been explored in the new edition. At 230 pages long, the Phoenix edition is the most comprehensive collection of Bruno’s art available in the world today. Sadly, many of the artworks within its pages are no longer in existence, with the bushfires destroying many of them. Bruno's Artworks and Sculptures displayed in the book can be seen in The Gallery. 

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