Everything comes and goes and there is beauty behind it.

The new Gallery from the outside

The new Gallery from the inside

Bruno's words:
"The bushfires deeply touched us all in many ways. It allowed me to see that people had a heart for each other, that when things really got dark, the best in us comes out. We have lost a lot, but life also provides us opportunities to gain a new vision, lots of new friends and a blank canvas to play. In the meantime, nature is already regenerating itself. The green is slowly returning and the rivers are flowing, finding new ways".

The book 'A Colourful Story' and DVD also covers all the stories of Bruno's work, life and the bushfires . . . or better still why not come and visit our beautiful gardens where Bruno not only has restored numerous sculptures that were damaged in the Black Saturday Fires but also added many exciting new ones, counting now more than 120.

Below is what the gardens are looking like now.

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